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The Center for Development Studies of America (CESDA) is a center of thought, training and analysis that contributes to the sustainable development of the American continent.

This initiative, launched by the Prosperity for the World Foundation (ProWorld), arises from the need to focus applied research on the territories of the American continent, thus promoting the adoption of strategies and concrete actions that allow the promotion of governance [ 1] and governance for sustainable development [2].


Promote research, analysis and training for sustainable development in the Americas.

Specific objectives

Develop academic events (forums, seminars, workshops, colloquiums, etc.) that strengthen the generation of a Human Rights promoting citizenship.

To give courses of studies related to the sustainable development and the lines of action established. For this, the CESDA will establish collaborations with Universities, Education Centers and other public and private corporations, through the pertinent agreements.

To carry out strategic research documents that impact national and regional actions in the solution of conjunctural and structural problems.

Lines of action:

The CESDA establishes that its areas of action to direct the investigative efforts are:


Social development

Security and Defense

Sustainable Environment

Integral Action Course


Colombia Propositive

[1] Global governance is the sum of the multiple ways in which individuals and institutions, public and private, manage their common affairs. It is a continuous process through which diverse and conflicting interests can be accommodated and some cooperative action can be adopted. It includes formal institutions and regimes with the power to impose obedience, as well as informal arrangements that people and institutions have agreed upon. Commission on Global Governance. nineteen ninety five.

[2] "Sustainable development is defined as the satisfaction of" the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ". (Report entitled "Our Common Future" of 1987, World Commission on Environment and Development), sustainable development has emerged as the guiding principle for long-term global development. Consisting of three pillars, sustainable development seeks to achieve, in a balanced way, economic development, social development and the protection of the environment.

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