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THE PROSPERITY FOR THE WORLD FOUNDATION (PRO-WORLD) is a private non-profit organization.

We are a team of Colombians who promote solutions and help to achieve a more prosperous world.
In each of the members there is a service vocation in PRO of the community.

Our experience is based on support, advice, consulting, execution and collaboration in:
  Construction of public policies
  Strengthening of Human Rights
Articulation with P
ublic and Privated institutions to management  projects in PRO of the democracy, buidilng a  support  for  World PEACE.
Community empowerment and sustainable projects that improve the quality of life of people.

This is how the NGO (PROWORLD) promotes and works for the welfare of the community in order to have better citizens  through awareness and making each place were we work become beautiful to live.


Provide tools to communities to become aware of their rights and duties,forging life,  wellbeing and development project.  


Be a leading foundation in the promotion of human rights and duties, through the awareness and personal responsibility.

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