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El deporte: un proyecto de vida

Sport: forging life

To enter in the context it is necessary to establish the following definition:

Sport: Unicef ​​in one of its reports defines sport as "any form of physical activity that contributes to physical fitness, mental well-being and social interaction. These types of physical activity include play, recreation, informal sports - organized or competitive - and native games or sports. (Sports, recreation and games, Unicef, 2005, p.1)


Colombia, being immersed in an internal conflict for more than 50 years, has generated multiple situations affecting the quality of life of Colombian society. For example, the use of free time of Colombian children and youth has been a determining factor in the life projects of each of these individuals; since in areas of conflict or where there is little state presence, places of scarce resources; due to bad companies, among other social factors, many times they do not develop activities that promote lifestyles in order to obtain an adequate life project.

It happens that children and young people in certain places have contact with groups outside the law to obtain for example a soccer ball to have fun, generating this an obligation after belonging to these groups.


Our project aims to promote the use of free time, promote human rights and culture of peace through the sports discipline, which for many young people becomes a life option.


Likewise, we want to prevent that our Colombian children and young people stay away from recruitment by groups outside the law, from vices such as alcohol, drugs, and other bad habits.



At the international level, the United Nations is also a promoter of sport, because "it strongly believes that this

is a strategy to implement human rights, the proper use of free time and the development of

expression: "Also aware that sports and physical education can offer opportunities to

solidarity and cooperation in order to promote tolerance, a culture of peace, social and gender equality,

appropriate responses to the special needs of people with disabilities, dialogue

intercultural, social cohesion and harmony.


Likewise, the General Assembly of 2006 stipulates: "To promote and support the integration and incorporation of

activities related to sport as a means of promoting development and peace in programs

and development policies "Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on November 3, 2006 [without

prior referral to a Main Committee (A / 61 / L.12 and Add.1)] 61/10. "(Sport as a means of promoting

education, health, development and peace, retrieved from

After working several years in the field, we have the firm conviction that activities should be supported

that stimulate the good use of free time forming a life project in children and young people, preventing

be recruited by groups outside the law in those isolated municipalities of the country, or be part of

of illicit structures.

Jóvenes en Nuquí, Chocó
Niños y jóvenes de la Primavera, Vichada
Niños y jóvenes de la Primavera, Vic
Jóvenes y niños de Vichada
Jóvenes en Nuquí, Chocó
Jóvenes en Nuquí, Chocó
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